The Park’s Class-A specifications anticipate the needs of modern business, and scalable solutions support your future expansion.

The park’s specifications deliver the high-level standards required by international companies in a class-a multi-tenant or single-occupier Business park.


  • Typical 8.1 m column grid / 1.35 m window grid
  • 3.0 m floor-to-ceiling height
  • Openable window modules
  • Optimized elevator waiting times and core layouts to allow efficient access for occupiers
  • Typical floor loads – 3.0 kN/m2/office space and special reinforced 5.0 kN/m2/storage areas
  • Suspended ceilings throughout the offices
  • 10 cm raised floors
  • Multi tenant or single occupier efficiencies built into the design
  • Quality architectural features and façades
  • Emphasis on optimal use of natural light throughout the Building
  • Excellent parking ratios and Building floor layout densities

HVAC & Electrical Systems

  • 4-pipe fan coil HVAC system
  • Ceiling-mounted diffusers
  • Local temperature controllers – one per four fan coil unit
  • Diverse power – two independent incoming electrical connections
  • Floor boxes – one per every 20 sq m for 2 workstations
  • Office lighting – fully recessed fluorescent luminaries to fulfill local code to open plan layout
  • Space allowance for tenant generators and diverse electrical distribution
  • Efficient distribution of services to allow Tenant specific IT/Lan rooms

Fire Detection & Security System

  • Full sprinkler system throughout the complex
  • Smoke Detection System
  • Automatic Link to the fire brigade
  • Fire hoses reels or hydrants
  • Building Management System
  • CCTV monitoring of all access points to the Buildings and parking areas
  • Access Control System
  • Security Staff available 24h a day


  • Fiber-optic and analogue wires from two independent operators
  • Main distribution frame
  • Fully digital central telephone switch
  • Diverse routed telecoms distribution